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Mern Stack Training in Noida

Mernstack Training in Noida ratings by Shiv Average rating: 5.0, based on 1089 reviews

Mern Stack Training in noida
Mern Stack, Node JS, Express, Mongo db and React JS
Node JS

Node JS

Express JS Training

Express JS

Mongo DB Training

Mongo DB

React JS Training

React JS

MERN Stack

Mern Stack Training in Noida by 10+ Exp IIT Alumni Corporate Trainer ( Microsoft Certified ) with Node JS, Express, Mongo db, React JS and Live Projects on both Node JS and React.

Mern Stack use JavaScript programming language to build both frontend and backend of web application which is fast, robust and scalable.

Mern Stack Course

Mern Stack is the combination of Node JS, Mongo DB, Express and React JS. Node JS is open source and cross platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc) runtime environment to run JavaScript on server side. Node js use Chrome V8 JavaScript engine to execute JavaScript on server.

Mern Stack is used to develop scalable and fast Web applications. Mern Stack Application use JS on bith frontend and backend.

Mern Stack Full Form
MMongo DBNo SQL based Database
EExpressWeb Framework for Node JS
RReact JSFrontend JS Library
NNode JSJS Runtime Environment

Mern Stack Training

Our Mern Stack Training is started with introduction of JavaScript topics like functions, callbacks, closures and Event Loop. Then we will start installation of Node JS and the use of NPM, Setting Up project IDE. Use of Express framework with Node JS. Integration of Mongo DB, the No SQL based database. And finally React JS.

Prerequisites for Mern Stack Training

  • Basic JavaScript knowledge.
  • Basic Web Development knowledge.

Mern Stack Course Content

: 25 Hours

Node JS

  • What is Node JS
  • Client Side Vs Server Side JS
  • Synchronous VS Asynchronous JavaScript
  • JavaScript Callback Functions
  • JavaScript Closures
  • Single Vs Multi Threads
  • Event Loop and worker thread
  • Timing Functions in JavaScript

Node JS Fundamentals

  • Node JS
  • Node Package Manager (NPM)
  • How to Install Node JS
  • Node REPL
  • Execute Node JS scripts in cli

Environment Setup

  • Environment Variables
  • Setup Environment Variables
  • Use Environment Variables in app

Node JS Projects setup

  • IDE Integration
  • Creating project
  • The package.json config file
  • Node JS Modules
  • Node JS Modules exports
  • Node JS require function
  • Global and local package installation process
  • OS Module
  • FS Module
  • Path Module

Node JS FS Module ( File System)

  • Synchronous and asynchronous I/O operation
  • Path and directory operation
  • filename and dirname commands
  • Async reads and writes operations on file

Buffer, Streams, and Events with IO

  • Use of buffers for binary data
  • Flowing and non-flowing streams
  • Streaming of I/O from files and sources
  • Async Processing of streams

Node JS Events

  • Events
  • Register Event Listener
  • Event Emitter
  • Custom Events

Node JS HTTP module

  • What is HTTP protocol?
  • Creating HTTP server
  • Render a response
  • Process query strings
  • Server Static html page in node
  • Use of (REST) Representational State Transfer

Express Framework

  • Installing Express
  • Express get and post methods
  • Request and Response
  • Middleware
  • Routes
  • Body Parser
  • Cookie Parser
  • Express Session


  • The MVC (model-view- controller) pattern
  • Defining EJS and Nunjucks templates
  • Building a front-end controller
  • Defining routes
  • Creating actions
  • Configuring Express to use Nunjucks
  • Using REST
  • Reading POST data
  • Building Handlebars helpers
  • Adding middleware


  • Connection of Node JS code to databases
  • Connecting to RDBMS and NoSQL databases (Mongo DB)
  • What is NoSQL and Why NoSQL?
  • Difference Between RDBMS and NoSQL Databases
  • Inserting record in Mongo DB using NodeJS
  • Retrieving record in Mongo DB using NodeJS
  • Updating record in Mongo DB using NodeJS
  • Deleting record in Mongo DB using NodeJS
  • Performing search operation.


  • Mongoose ODM
  • Mongoose Connection
  • Mongoose API
  • Mongoose Models
  • Mongoose Schemas
  • Mongoose CRUD Operations
  • Mongoose filters, sort
  • Mongoose with NodeJS, Express JS

Node JS with SQL Database

  • Install RDBMS
  • SQL Integration
  • Connectivity

Build Chat Application using Socket

  • What is Socket
  • Client vs server in socket
  • Install Socket
  • Run Chat app across LAN/WAN

Authentication using passport

  • Use passport for authentication
  • local authentication

Node JS Module & Unit Testing

  • Implementation of Modularization
  • Creating module with exports
  • Creating a package
  • Module scope and construction
  • Working with unit testing frameworks
  • How to perform unit test?
  • Creating unit tests with Mocha

Node JS Project

  • Project Setup
  • Routes & Views
  • Database & Models
  • CRUD - Create/Retrieve/Update/Delete product.
  • Upload project on server

: 25 Hours

React JS

  • React JS
  • React Installation
  • React Components
  • JSX
  • Add CSS
  • React Debugging
  • React Components
  • High Order Components
  • Reaching out of web - Http/Ajax
  • Single Page App Routing
  • Redux

Mern Stack Project

Product Management

  • Project Setup
  • Routes & Views
  • Database & Models
  • CRUD - Create/Retrieve/Update/Delete product.

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Mern Stack Training Features

  • 10 to 15 Students in a batch
  • Special Focus on Practical
  • Free Study Material.
  • Trainer having 10+ years Industrial Experience.
  • Weekend Batches
  • Project Included

Mern Stack from Tech Altum

  • ISO certified Training Institute
  • Run by Ex IIT Alumni
  • Microsoft Registered Training Partner
  • 100% Job Assistance
  • Fully AC Classrooms with Projector
  • Lab Facility with Genuine Softwares.

Mern Stack Free Demo Details

Course Date Time
Mern Stack Demo


Tech Altum
3rd Floor, Om Complex, Sec 15
P.O. Box: 201301
Noida, Uttar Pradesh

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Mern Stack Trainer Profile

Mr Avinash Malhotra

( IIT Alumni and Certified Corporate trainer)

10+ Exp as Full Stack Web Developer with Node JS
  • Gate Qualified with All India Rank 120
  • IIT Kharagpur Alumni
  • 10+ Experience as a Front End Developer.
  • 4+ Experience on Node JS.
  • Till Now Trained 5000+ Students at Tech Altum.
  • Associate professor (Guest Faculty) in Amity University (Noida) & AKG Gaziabad
  • Author of 500+ blogs on Tech Altum Tutorial

Recently Placed Students

Name Course Exp Company Last Package Package
Lavi RastogiFullstact Mern 4+IBM6 Lakhs12 Lakhs
Kunal SharmaFullstack React1+MNC3 Lakhs7 Lakhs
Mayank SharmaFullstack MERNFresherCampus Placement n/a5 Lakhs
Harshit SharmaFullstack MERNFresherCampus Placement n/a3.6 Lakhs
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