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Javascript Jquery

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Javsscript Training
Javascript and Jquery
javascript Training
Jquery Training
Jquery Training
JQuery UI

Javascript & Jquery

Javascript is prototype based client side scripting language of web. Javascript can insert dynamic content on a web page, validate form data, handle events, add interactivity, and create animations. Javascript is loosely typed, but case sensitive.

To learn javascipt, you should be familiar with HTML & CSS.

Javascript Course

  • Javascript Intro
  • Static and Dynamic Websites
  • Add Javascript on HTML page
  • Javascript syntax
  • Javascript comments
  • Javascript variables
  • Javascript datatypes
  • Javascript functions
  • Javascript events
  • Javascript DOM
  • Javascript console
  • Javascript conditions
  • Javascript operators
  • Javascript Arrays
  • Javascript Objects
  • Javascript JSON
  • Javascript OOPS(intro)
  • Javascript closures
  • Javascript setInterval and SetTimeout
  • Javascript Date Objects
  • Javascript Windows Object
  • Javascript History Object
  • Javascript Navigator Object
  • Javascript Screen Object
  • Javascript Regex Object
  • Javascript cookies
  • Local & session storage
    • Local Storage
    • Session Storage
  • Geo Location
  • Firebug and debuggers


Jquery is Javascript library used for wide range of actions like event handling , DOM manipulation, animations, and ajax interaction for faster web applications. JQuery can simplify javascript as jquery syntax is light weight and easy to use.

Jquery tag line is " write less, do more"

To learn jquery, you should be familiar with HTML, CSS and javascript.

Jquery Course

  • Jquery Intro
  • Jquery Installation
  • Jquery ready function
  • Jquery Selectors
  • Jquery events
  • Jquery DOM
  • Jquery Selectors
  • Jquery slide effect
  • Jquery fade effect
  • Jquery toggle effect
  • Jquery CSS
  • Jquery animations
  • Jquery easings
  • Jquery tabs
  • Jquery drop down menu
  • Jquery collapsible
  • Jquery accordions
  • Jquery scroll
  • Jquery Carousel
  • Jquery user interface
  • Jquery AJAX
  • Jquery Box slider
  • Jquery cycle
  • Jquery parallex effect
  • Jquery wow js
  • Jquery conflict


  • 7 to 8 Students in a batch.
  • Completely Practical classes.
  • Weekend and weekdays batches
  • Separate Doubt sessions.

Trainer Profile

Mr Avinash Malhotra

Web Designer and UI Developer at Tech Altum

Scored AIR 120 in GATE 2011.
Studied in IIT Kharagpur.
5+ Experience in Web Designing and User Interface Development.
Working as a Corporate Trainer and Freelancer from last 5 Years.
Microsoft Certified HTML5 & Javascript Developer.
Till Now Trained 500+ Students.

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Tech Altum
501, Om Complex, Sec 15
P.O. Box: 201301
Noida, Uttar Pradesh

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